Heroes of Might and Magic 6 – The Most Difficult Game to Play Ever?

Now I know that you’re assuming that I mean that Heroes VI is just a difficult game to get to grips with, but no. I’m referring to the fact that I’ve not even been able to install it as yet (as of now, I’ve been trying for an hour and a quarter).

I spent a fair few hours this weekend attempting to get the game to run on my fiancé’s laptop. Heroes VI has issues when it comes to laptops, Ubisoft have admitted as such. That’s all well and good but so far no real fix has been forthcoming. To be fair I believe that the issue was exacerbated by the fact that his video card is not quite up to the required standard, but in his defence I know people with high spec laptops are having the exact same issues. Regardless, some technical minded players out there on the community support forums worked out a fix, and the game is now working. All well and good. Thanks for the lack of any kind of help Ubisoft and Black Hole.

So home the game came with me. No problem, I thought. I have a gaming rig, its a desktop and is fairly powerful. It also easily meets every requirement listed on the back of the box. So it will work with no problem at all right?


I cannot even install Heroes VI. I keep getting the message “[Internal] Failed to register into Game Explorer”. The same technically minded players on the forum tell me that this is a Vista issue. Yes, I know, Vista has a bad rep, and to be fair I have damned it to the lowest depths of hell many times for issues with my gaming, but when the box the game you are attempting to install tells you that Vista is a supported OS, I do not expect to have problems with it, which I would think is a fairly standard assumption that any reasonable person would make!

So, I’m on attempt number 4, taking yet more advice from the lovely technically minded people who seem to currently be doing Ubisoft/Black Hole’s jobs for them. I’m still wondering whether I’ll have more issues when the game actually does install, if it does at all.

Right now, I’m losing patience. What an absolute farce.

Ubisoft and Black Hole should be ashamed of themselves.

ETA: I would add, now an hour and a half in, the game has finally installed. Members of the Community Tech Forum – I salute you!

Now to see if I can actually play it. I’m, not holding my breath.

~ by Rachael Griffiths on October 17, 2011.

5 Responses to “Heroes of Might and Magic 6 – The Most Difficult Game to Play Ever?”

  1. Thank you, this worked for me as well. What a damned frustrating problem it’s been.

  2. What was it that fixed that error for you? I have the same :(

    • It actually took 3 things! The first was to run the Setup,exe in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2, the second was to make sure I was running it as administrator, and the third was that I needed to change the install path. I removed the Ubisoft section in mine so it was installed to C:/Might & Magic Heroes VI.

      I really hope the same works for you, although if not the guys at http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/4611096804 have been heroes as well. They helped me with both my problem and my fiancé’s.

      Best of luck – let me know how it goes.

      • I guess since I ended up here I should post my solution as well:

        I ran the Setup.exe in compatibility mode for windows 98; ran it as administrator; unchecked the box for the desktop shortcut; and changed the install path to my user folder and named the install folder HMM6. Kapow!

        I tried and cursed it all for about six hours (with healthy breaks, I must add) until this finally worked. When the setup finally said it had finished installing I was like “wow… what do I do now? What’s my purpose? What am I doing here and what is this?” and then remembered that I actually was installing a game. Yaay

      • Thanks for sharing! I felt the exact same way when I finally got my copy installed! Hope you are enjoying the game! :)

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